A downloadable game for Windows

A short game with simple click controls and optional key movement.

click/z : interact

click/arrows : move around


I planned on making a more finished product earlier for the jam but my team was very inexperienced so we had to face a lot of limitations. In the end I decided that the time we had left wouldn't be able to create a finished product so I made this short quirky game at the last minute. My team learned a lot and we will definitely take part in another jam with *hopefully* a game :P.

8/12/2019 - Small update, packaged all the files together into one exe. Also got rid of excess data that wasn't being used. Now it's only the windows version, the MAC file was taken down for not being compatible.


Game engine: RPGMaker MV

Music/Graphics/Gameplay : Datzz2

Total game time: 4 minutes.

Install instructions

Extract the file and unzip it's contents. Click on the application and run it inside the folder to start up the game.


The Wizard and His Problem(JAM Build).zip 68 MB

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